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fall jazz tour 09

October 1-2, 2009 - Jazz Ensemble 1 takes a quick tour to 5 schools!

Performing at Brier Terrace Middle School for the Middle School Jazz Band.


Our early morning audience.


Jazz Walters playing his feature.


The middle school jazz band sat among the MTHS students. The girls in front wanted to watch the score.


Skye Lewis performing his feature.


Seventh graders listening to us perform.


Eighth graders listening to "Tall Cotton."


Kelsey Davies performing "Tall Cotton."


Forest Jackson performing "Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me."



Performing "Blue Cellophane" at Roosevelt High School.


Listening to the Roosevelt Jazz Band perform.



Jack Walters performing "In Lighter Vein."


Roosevelt performing "The Very Thought of You."


The crew who rode in the school van.




The group from Mrs. Walter's vehicle.


Jesse "Resonance" Anderson with his makeshift tie.


Our very hospitable hosts from Graham Kapowsin High School. We ate dinner with them and then played a joint concert in their nice theater.


Combined Jazz Bands from MTHS and Franklin Pierce High School where Mr. Faul attended high school in Tacoma.


Playing "Smack Dab in the Middle" together.


Plaque showing Mr. Faul's name for the Director's Award he received in high school.


He won the Louis Armstron award, too. Twice!


And the John Philip Sousa award.


Mr. Faul telling stories about his days at Franklin Pierce.


Mr. Faul rehearsing the Franklin Piece concert band and MTHS students.


Hacky Sack in the parking lot.


Mr. Faul with his Biology and Chemistry teacher from high school, Mr. Ross.


We three kings...


The Monette Trumpet Factory


The Monette Trumpet Factory


Art Farmer's Flumpet (cross between a trumpet and flugelhorn)


Demonstration/Instruction from our guide, the salesman Dean.


The timeline for receiving a trumpet ordered today is about 14 months. Each trumpet is custom made for the customer.


More demonstrations. Even the sax players were interested!