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audition instructions

Students who are new to MTHS (transfers or incoming freshmen) are the only students who need to audition.  Current students’ playing ability is already known and students will be placed appropriately based on their performance during the current school year.

I will be going to BTMS on May 1st for auditions and will be there after school. Please sign up for a time with Ms. Zumbo.

Non-BTMS Students - Please email Mr. Faul for a time. Click here for available times. These times are on May 2nd and May 5th. Please sign up for the earliest time available that you are able to get to considering your schedule and transportation.

Audition Materials
Please come prepared to play a minute or two of music you know well.  This can be from Solo/Ensemble contest, private lessons, a favorite piece of music you have, or current band music.  It would be helpful to play something slow and lyrical and also something more technical (fast and requiring more playing technique), however this is not required.  Also be prepared to sight-read and play a couple of scales.