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Audition Results 2019-2020

First, I apologize for the long delay in making these decisions and posting our bands' membership for this school year. Placements are not always clear to me. This is because if I do the placements only on your past performance or present abilities it doesn't take into account your potential. I like to beleive that the future does not equal the past. This allows for everyone in any moment to strive to become the best human and musician they can become. I tried to take potential into account but predicting is very hard.

I also struggled with the issue of loyalty. This year I found myself being overly loyal to some students and had a hard time separating my good feelings toward a person from the reality of their past performance. But here is our situation: in a competetive environment like this no one is entitled to a spot. One must earn their spot in these ensembles. The truth is that our jazz program is, in fact, one of the best in the nation and to expect that you can get in without commiting 100% and giving 100% day in and day out is not realistic.
I wish everyone could get in to Jazz 1 (or Jazz 2) but there are just not enough spots. You have to demonstrated that you have something to contribute (which might be beyond playing ability) that will allow us to achieve the high standard of performance that we have traditionally had.

Please find the rosters for this school year below. An * by your name means your participation is contingent upon something that I need to talk to you about and you need to contact me right away. There may still be some movement between groups after I speak to the marked individuals and others. Stay tuned...

Jazz Ensemble 1
Caden Hargrave, Alto * (section leader)
Emily Sallee, Alto
Owen Moreland, Tenor *
Emmalee Dalos, Tenor *
Ryan Acheson, Bari *

Trumpets (in no particular order)
Ernesto Torres (section leader)
James Speedy *
Alex Campanario
Solomon Plourd *
Eli Faris

Alec Raring, lead (section leader)
Preston Thursh
Sophie Stelmack
Ian Sjoholm (bass)

Rhythm Section
Natalie Song, Piano
Andrew Vinther, Bass
Josh Setala, Drums (section leader)

Jazz Ensemble 2 (in no particular order)
Johnny Kim, alto
Seth Meyers, alto
Katrina Bushman, alto
Anabelle Sumera-Decoret, tenor
Jonas Rivera, tenor
Tyler Song, bari

Ethan Moore
Elijah Sather
Kyle Baca
Jack Bode
Mark Tiersma
Ethan Weight

Aidan Ekanayake
Dylan McGovern
Sage Jennings
Colin Leen

Rhythm Section
Jessie Tong, piano
Sophia Susanto, piano
Lilia Sanders, bass
Nicole Janeway, bass
Sienna McLaren, guitar
Nikolas Faulkner, guitar
Nathan Jennings, vibes
Gabriel Espitia, drums
Nate Klaussen, drums

Jazz Ensemble 3 (in no particular order)
Logan Katzer
Lizzie Barnes
Trevor Winkler
Braeden Valdivia
Trinity Hegstrom
Vlad Kharitonov

Connor Leaty
Raio Chea
Trace Fagen
Seamus Whalen-Robinson
Ben Saxby

Sov Sot
Bentley Wilson
Malacai Hobbs
Jackie Kim

Rhythm Section
Lindee Cutler, piano
Anna Mai, piano
Nathaniel Ballard, guitar
Josiah Lee, drums
Matthew Choi, drums
Mason Culter, drums
Damaris Ibrahim, bass
MacKenzie Kier, bass